The Cheetah of Des Moines

An action comedy film

Status: Concept Phase -on hold-
Director: Striker Cheguar
Writers: TBA

Late at night, a group of furries stop at a gas station on their way home from a convention and find themselves in the middle of a robbery. [protagonist] has the daft idea to wear his fursuit head as he attempts to thwart the robbery attempt. It's successful, but the next day he finds out his friend was attacked by someone affiliated with the robbers. With the police preoccupied with an unexplained uptick in crime, he takes matters into his own hands.

With a little ingenuity, a few spare parts, and the help of a few friends, he hits the streets in a high-tech cheetah fursuit with a drone and a dull macheteĀ and becomes the daft superhero no one expected.

Concept Art

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